Avec Elegance


I’m realising just how much women my age care about their appearance and how little my ex did. Case in point: yesterday I had a very enjoyable dinner at a well known waterside restaurant. And no, I’m NOT talking about Ivars’ acres of clams!  I’m not a spendthrift, but neither am I a miser.

Anyway, my point is this: my companion was a very charming lady who despite the fact that this was our first meeting had obviously given some thought to her appearance, even though the deck was most definitely stacked in her favour, as it is for all women on dates. No Capris and T Shirt for her.  She was dressed stylishly but in an understated way, her hemline being neither too short nor too long, her hair left loose and her neckline neither plunging nor hugging her chin, her arms bare.

Everything about her appearance suggested a successful, confident businesswoman who knows what she wants and is used to being in charge. Guess what? That’s exactly what she is. I guess, though, that women tread a fine line: how to appear attractive without looking too obvious , how to show confidence without appearing bossy, how to show interest without giving a misleading impression.

Anyway, I take it as a good sign that we sat chatting for quite some time after the bill arrived. Bill? to be honest, it was large enough to be called William, never mind Bill. She was graceful right to the end of the evening, and I’ll take it as a sign of interest that she raised the question of us meeting again, something that I  want very much, if for no other reason that it was such a pleasure to spend the evening engaged in intelligent, stimulating wide ranging conversation that never flagged and never resorted to the linguistic tricks and innuendos that so often ruin an evening.

Question. Is it true that if he plays with her hair she’s interested? I do hope so, because she adjusted her hair  (Just below shoulder length and naturally blonde)every few minutes, and we were at the table for well over 3 hours.


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