Boredom. 11/17/12

I spent a good ten minutes folding towels this morning and more than twice that making the beds. It’s not that I’m a neat freak – Heck, you should all know that by now, nor have I been possessed by the ghost of June Cleaver. It’s just that not only do I have the time, but I have all the time in the world.

Despite the fact that I have been getting out quite a bit lately and getting home late as well as tired, I’m not sleeping well. It used to be that I’d wake up at 3.30 – 4.30 and eventually get back to sleep. Now it’s a major event if I sleep past 5.30, even when I don’t get to bed until after 1am. This leaves me with something of a problem. Even if I take my time cooking and eating breakfast and  then  cleaning up, even if I make my coffee last longer than normal, I can usually have all my obligations, job searches etc finished by 10am., which leaves me feeling like Robert Redford ( if only I looked like Robert Redford) at the end of “The Candidate” saying “Marvin, hey, Marvin. Well, what do we do now?” So what do I do? With all other options exhausted I’m pretty much reduced to polishing my “Angry Birds” skills, reading when I can be bothered to make the effort or watching “Stargate SG1” on DVD when I can’t.

I’m coming to the realisation that most of previous life was spent taking care of other peoples’ needs such as taking the kids to and from school and sport lessons, taking care of minor errands, household chores, etc. so that by the end of the day I was ready to sit down. Now I’ve been relieved of those duties I find myself staring into a vast temporal abyss.

I can see how some people fall into the habit of drinking during the day. I really can. It gives you something to do and if done effectively, time becomes a blur. For the same reason  I can also understand why others fill their empty time with snacking.

Fear not. I’m not going to turn into a daytime drinker – I don’t have the cash to indulge my rather expensive tastes to that level, nor am I going to spend my afternoons eating frosting straight from the container.  Despite what you might think, I actually have pretty decent self control – Hmmm, I never thought that my upbringing  of Catholicism mixed with Scottish Presbyterianism would have an upside!

So this is the question for you, gentle reader. “In What Ways Can We find something productive and stimulating for Dad to do during the day?”. No need to come up with a response right now. Take a few minutes to ponder while I go and clean the bathroom.


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