Chemical Warfare


When we had the pre signing walkthrough, everything looked fine. however, a couple of days after moving in, I saw some dark spots on the wall near the dining room windows which on inspection turned out to be small brown striped bugs. I thought them dead and so hoovered them up and disposed of them. The next day however, they had returned and were far from dead, some making their merry way along the wall into the kitchen.

I called the owners’ mother who provided me with the information, and after the weekend I answered the doorbell to be greeted by Steve, a chap with the physique and demeanor of an ex Marine. A quick inspection revealed them to be Carpet Bugs seeking a place to lay eggs. Apparently something had died in the space between the top of the shed and the bottom of the deck, and it was this on which the bugs where feeding.

Steve came back from his truck wearing his Official Buzz Aldrin backpack and proceeded to spray Chrysanthemum Oil on the walls, down the heating register and between the slats of the deck, saying that this would take care of them, and to keep an eye out until the end of the week to be sure they had been eliminated.

I’m not a big fan of industrial pesticides, especially when used indoors, so I’m glad it was something that lacked a scary sounding suffix in its’ name. I know the bugs were harmless, but something about having something coming into the house that has more than four legs just creeps me out, especially when they make it into the kitchen. The kids were with me over the weekend, and they took it in their stride, but still, I’d rather they not get the impression that I live in Verminsville.

Still, it’s Monday now, and the last stragglers crawled into sight and died yesterday, so I can hopefully call this round for the humans. I guess it’s all part and parcel of home life, especially one that was built in the 70s. and one I hope not to have to repeat.


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