Houses In Motion


Well, not the house exactly, but its’ occupant and his possessions. See, my lease is up at the end of this month, and my long term home is not yet built and won’t be ready until late fall at best, so I’m looking round for somewhere to live in the meantime.If I can find somewhere decent that doesn’t require a minimum one year lease I’ll be happy.

So, I plunged into Craigs’ List and started looking around. I found one place within walking distance of the kids with a great water view, but alas someone put down a deposit before I could organise one – cash is a bit tight right now.  It wasn’t ideal, as it had single pane windows and felt a little chilly, but it would have worked fine.  You wouldn’t believe what some people think  passes as habitable – I looked at a manufactured home and had to keep my game face for the whole tour, but not from excitement. Ugh.

The daylight basement I viewed the same day wasn’t much better, as it was unheated, had a cracked window, ancient stove and freezer, single pane windows and bedrooms that adjoined the pantry area and the laundry area/water heater respectively. The house, and indeed the whole property looked like it had been dropped in from Arkansas. And not the nice part of Arkansas either.  I saw another place today. It had a gorgeous water view, beach access and was very private, but with a second bedroom barely big enough for a single bed and the master separated from  the living room by glass doors, it was too much money for too little room. Getting furniture delivered would be a major pain, as it is at the end of a very narrow dirt track.

I’m not overly concerned just yet, though. I will keep looking every day, but if I get to the 23rd with no firm prospect in sight, I may start to get a bit twitchy. I know my certain someone would take me in, but that would be far from ideal as her place is even smaller than mine and it would be impossible to have the kids with me. Besides, what would I do with all my stuff? I can live out of a suitcase for a while but it gets old pretty fast. I know there would be compensations, but I doubt if it would be feasible beyond a week.

We’re hoping to have the money situation finalised within a week or two and the court date won’t be too long after that. I just hope that I am in a decent enough financial state to be able to convince a landlord that I have the funds to cover the rent. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks, that’s for sure.


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