In My Room.9/26/12

Well, it finally happened. I  signed a lease on an apartment. It’s a two Bed one Bath  1,000 sq ft ADU over a garage. While this may not sound too special, it  was only built last year, is in perfect condition, is fully furnished and includes all utilities. I will start moving my stuff in on Monday, but probably won’t be living or sleeping there full time until the end of the week, as I need to move my stuff in and give the kids time to come to terms with the idea of Dad living somewhere else.

Even though it is a relief to know that I will be moving out soon, it felt really, really weird to be sitting across the table from my future landlord and landlady. It is a pretty cold slap in the face to know that you have just signed a lease on your own place after 20 years of sharing a home with the same person. STBX pointed out something interesting. Our kids have 3 sets of friends whose parents  either are divorced or getting divorced and they probably think that getting divorced means that one parent gets to live at the beach as this happened in each case. As it happens, my place has beach access so this may just reinforce their belief

I have to admit to a great deal of trepidation about this move,  as it will be the first time I have ever lived on my own. College doesn’t count. How the hell am I supposed to do this? Hmm, well, I suppose I will have to just learn by doing.  Not feeling too great just now. This is a big fucking deal, to quote Joe Biden. This shit is really going down. Fuck. I mean, really.


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