Kid. 10/04/12

We told the kids today.  For the past three days my guts have felt like they were in the hands of a balloon animal artist, but once the news was out, I felt a huge sense of relief.  They both took the news much better than I had expected. My 10 year old son showed a maturity way beyond his years, as well as the logic and reason that will cost me a fortune as he goes on to get his Ph.D at M.I.T. in some branch of science that doesn’t yet exist.  My seven year old daughter took it very well also, asking appropriate questions and showing remarkable calm.

I had expected tears, wailing, pleas, etc, but there was none. We took them over to see the apartment, and both of them loved it, especially my daughter who insisted that she sleep on the couch when they stay with me.  My son was happy to be able to read a copy of the house rules. (It’s really a summer rental but is a longish term rental in the off season). They spent some time on the play structure and we walked down to the beach, and they are both at ease with the situation – they have three sets of friends in the same situation, so it is not a novel concept to them.  I’m sure there will be lots of questions and emotional break downs in the next couple of weeks, but I will probably have them stay with me next Friday, so that will probably help ease the transition.


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