King Of Confidence



Well, not the King, obviously, but maybe a minor member of the nobility. I had a chat with a trusted friend, and he confirmed what I had been thinking, i.e. that it is all down to confidence. For years, my true self  was suppressed by outside forces, and as a result of that constant stream of negativity, I began to believe the propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels said “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. Well, that isn’t the truth. If it was, do you think that I would have 3 dates in the next 3 days with one more likely for Monday? Nope, didn’t think so. Let’s backtrack, a little, shall we?

last Friday I met a very charming lady for a “Meet and Greet”. We had a great deal in common and soon found that our chairs had moved us from opposite sides of the table to knee contact distance. So far, so cozy. As the restaurant was getting a bit noisy, we decided to move,and soon found ourselves in a well known ethnically themed downtown pub. Things got better, and as the band was a bit loud, we moved to the other room. Long story short. You know when something just feels right? Well, I made my feelings known, and we spent the best part of the next half hour acting  like teenagers (something I never had the opportunity to do as a teenager) . Yeah, I know. Confidence, what can I say?

How does a meet and greet end up like a second date? Damned if I know. Well, we have our official first date on Saturday, and if the texts, emails and calls of the last 12 days are anything to go by, it has a very good chance of ending up like a third date!  So, tell me ladies, in all seriousness, does confidence really count for so much? Sure as hell it isn’t my looks, heck, you all should be able to confirm  that! Well, if it is largely down to confidence, thank heavens for that.


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