Money Money Money


One good thing about such an amicable settlement is the fact that STBX had already written the first cheque and had it in hand in the lawyers’ office. This meant that I was able to start the process of equipping myself for the future. Of course, it wasn’t the whole amount, as not even her Dad can come up with that sort of sum all at once, but even though I only received 1/3 of the total, it’s still the kind of sum that opens anybodys’ legs. 
My Fathers’ side of the family is Scottish Presbyterian, and I inherited their attitude towards money. I dislike using credit cards at the best of times, regarding them as a weapon of last resort. In fact, I don’t usually carry the one card I do have, lest I use it for something other than an emergency. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been out of my hands much in the last 2 days. I was able to order a bedroom set online, but had to go to the store to  order the mattress, box spring and Futon I need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Scrooge, but I just don’t like spending more than I really need to, but even so, when I added up all the things I needed to buy to furnish and equip the house, the sum was staggering. My mood is tempered, though by the fact that I have to make this last probably as long as a year, and with no prospect of a job any time soon, there’s no more until then. Thankfully, though, once the big stuff is bought, there shouldn’t be any other major expenses – just an endless stream of small ones.

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