Money’s Too Tight To Mention


Well, I suppose it had to happen at some point. The advance I paid the lawyer is all but gone, and we aren’t done yet. Thing is, there’s no money anywhere. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Nichts. The advance I got in order to move out covered my rent until the end of April, presuming I could push the lease an extra month and left me with a very small amount of wiggle room.

So this week I was faced with the financial equivalent of Sophies’ Choice – Do I pay the lawyer or keep enough for my rent for April? It wasn’t much of a choice, to be honest. I HAVE to  pay the lawyer if this is going to get sorted. I suppose I could do without one, but I’d rather not, for obvious reasons. Of  course, this leaves me with a very unappealing prospect at the end of March: i.e. being broke, homeless and jobless. All my gear will fit into the car, but I doubt if there would be room enough for me to sleep there as well.  I have had a couple of offers of help already, and will take them  if I need to,  but I’d rather not  put friends in that position either.

So how am I coping in the meantime? Well, I didn’t buy any groceries this week, and the only groceries I will buy next week will be for the kids when they spend the weekend with me. Seeing as I ran out of coffee a week  ago, you can imagine what this is like.  As some of you know, I have been enjoying “Gamifying” my life, seeing how little I can get by on, and now I suppose I will find out how well I have been doing. Mealtimes are going to be interesting as I try to make a balanced meal out of what I have on hand. Fair warning – I have about a dozen pints of pickled beetroot in the cupboard. Sorry in advance.

One thing on which I am not prepared to compromise is Christmas. I am not going to short change the kids just because of my situation. Paradoxically, I now have a bit more wiggle room than before as the amount I mailed to the lawyer is less than my rent, so that helps somewhat. Thankfully we are going away after Christmas, so if I can get through this week without buying food for myself I won’t have to buy anything until the New Year.

Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly. All five of us, including my Father In Law are going up to Whistler for our traditional winter break. That should make for an interesting few days, especially as I will be sleeping in the Den, but that’s for another day.



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