O Canada

O CANADA! 12/31/12


Hmm. Well, Christmas came around again, just 3 days after the great rationalisation of 12/22/12. Back up a bit. I  had the kids for the weekend before, and brought them home at noon on Christmas Eve. I then took them over to a friends house for their traditional Christmas Eve Smorgasbord ( the husband is half Swedish). Fortified by pickled herring and Aquavit ( not sure which one kills the taste of the other) I somehow managed to drive home and get a reasonable nights’ sleep. Well, really, I wasn’t that drunk, but she left with the kids before I did, and I wonder who noticed, or even cared.

Xmas Day was a bit weird, going over to what had been my home as a guest. As you’d expect, with a Grandfather on the scene, the kids were spoiled rotten ( who needs an iPad at 10, let alone 7?). We kept it simple, just giving each other a gift card so the kids could see us exchange gifts.

I went  up to Whistler on Boxing Day, but they didn’t come up until the 28th , as her dad had a nasty attack of gastric flu. Ugh! One interesting event. One night we got back kind of late and she asked me to put the oven on while she ran back to the store. I did this, set the table and  then realised I needed to dissemble the toddler bed and replace it with an aerobed. So, my son and I are half way through the task when she comes home and starts bitching at me for not having already fed the kids ( never mentioned) bitch, bitch , bitch, including during dinner when she kept mentioning that the dinner wasn’t reheated fully (Xmas dinner leftovers) about a dozen times . FUCK YOU. YOU WANT ME TO DO SOMETHING, ASK ME. DON’T EXPECT ME TO BE PSYCHIC AND THEN BE A FUCKING  BITCH ABOUT IT WHEN I’M NOT!  (sorry, ladies, I hate to drop the B bomb, but it could be worse). Anyhoo. When my  son and I were finishing up the toddler bed and she had left, he said to me “She just expects you to do everything and wants you to be her servant, it seems” Direct quote. Even for a 10 year old Montessori kid this was particularly incisive. I said nothing.

Makes me realise that this divorce is the best thing that could have happened. I am so done with this shit. She can’t accept that I have moved on. Well, 2013 is going to be a hell of a lot better than 2012. One thing I have realised is that I have no desire to spend any more time around her than I need to. It’s fine when we only see each other for a couple of hours a couple of times a week, but being in the same house longer than that is too much.

Another weird thing was the sleeping arrangements. I was in the Den on an inflatable bed that only just fitted between the sofa and the table. Slightly awkward, especially as I had no where to  put my clothes or my dirty laundry. Also, the shower in the den doesn’t work so I had to use the one in the kids’ room.

The other main reason for me going up at all was to clear out all my stuff. I somehow managed to shoehorn 12 years worth of clothes into a pair of suitcases. Amazing how much stuff you accumulate without even realising it. Add in the toiletries, whisky, ski helmet, etc and the back of the car was crammed full. I’m not saying there was a lot of stuff, but it rhymes with “Tucking Fun”. Oh, by the way, whatever you do, don’t Google the term “Tucking Fun”. I did, and I still can’t see straight.


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