Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag. 11/02/12

Well, not exactly new, but let me explain. Ever since the summer before college, I have had some kind of bag. From  army surplus musettes to backpacks, I’ve needed something in which  to carry my s*%# around. Often I would just cram stuff in my pockets: convenient, yet awkward. A badly placed house key can result inadvertently  in what in certain cultures is referred to as a Briss, and an overly prominent cell phone in a front pocket sometimes results in a misunderstanding. Although you should never doubt that even if  that *is* a cell phone in  my pocket,  I’m still pleased to see you… You too, ladies.

At grad school I tried a variety of options, and all of them were inadequate in some way – too small, too awkward, too  many pockets, and so on. Now that I am only venturing further afield  once a day in the name of fuel economy I find myself having to ensure that I have all I need for the day with me before I leave the house. This poses problems for me in that I have to remember to collect all I need and have some way to carry it all.

The result is that I have now given in and am using a small shoulder bag on a daily basis. it’s one we received as a free gift from “Parenting” magazine many years ago that lay unused from the moment it arrived. Now, I hate to go off on a rant here, but one of the things that really annoys me is the hordes of self absorbed guys who wander around in their leather jackets, goatees to the fore,  bag slung around the neck, often pushed half way behind them, all the better to whack you with on a crowded sidewalk or while getting on or off a bus.

You are probably all familiar with the idea that we all become the thing we hate the most. Well, I don’t actually hate any of these people, it’s just that they seem to fit so precisely the derogatory stereotype that a lot of the country has about us. To make it worse, one of the things I carry around is a notebook. Admittedly not some $20 Moleskine, but a notebook with an elastic strap over the cover! Arrrgh! What is happening to me? I’m growing a beard for Movember as you all know, so I’m transforming slowly but surely into a stereotype.

The thing is, I actually do need to carry a bag as I have way too much stuff to put in my pockets and can’t afford to spend 15 minutes driving home every time I forget my phone, wallet, diary or anything else I need. I guess that for the minute I am just stuck with the situation. However, if you ever hear me thinking about buying a leather jacket, please, shoot me in the head.


The Kids Are Alright – update.

As I wrote previously, I was unsure as to how the kids were really reacting to the change.
Well, STBX was talking with the teaching staff recently, and apparently they have overheard conversations in the pick up line at the end of the day in which the children of divorced and divorcing parents have been comparing details of their Dads’ new homes. To me at least, this seems to be a positive reaction. However, I just hope that it doesn’t evolve into comparisons of “Daddys’ new friend” at any time in the future.


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