Que Sera Sera

QUE SERA SERA. 01/16/13

Let me state before I get going that I am in a perfectly shitty mood. There’s probably going to be a fuckload of swearing in this, so if you are offended by strong language, now might be as good a time as any to log the fuck out.

I give up. I just give the fuck up. What’s the opposite of the Midas touch? Because everything I touch  has turned to shit.  I break my balls applying for jobs for over 6 months, and most employers don’t even have the decency to send an automated email saying “Thank you for your application. Piss off”. When I finally do get an interview, I don’t make the cut. When I apply to a place where I have an “in”, not even an interview. Fuck.

Same on the social side. I think I’m making progress, and a meeting seems to be in the offing, then silence. I arrange a meeting, she cancels or cries off. I finally meet someone and she’s not interested.

Every time I mention that something good might happen in my life, it goes to fuck. So I’ve made a decision. From now on, I’m not even going to think about telling someone about something good that might happen.

In fact, I’m not even going to expect something good to happen until after it has. I’m just going to give up and take it as it comes. I really am at the end of my tether. Picture Charlie Brown lying on the ground after Lucy has pulled the ball away again. Now imagine Lucy putting on a pair of steel toecapped boots and kicking Charlie in the balls a hard as possible. I feel as if I’ve been kicked so hard it looks like I have three Adams’ Apples.

I’m going to sign off now so I can get deliberately and extremely drunk.


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