S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. 05/10/13

I truly understand why so many single men live like Neanderthals. It takes so much time, effort and money to make a house comfortable. Comforters, bed linens, kitchen appliances, furniture, it all adds up. And don’t forget that I have 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms to equip, although I didn’t have to buy beds for the kids. Our son  got a new one with a trundle and I scored a free one from a friend who is buying a new one for his daughter, so at least  that’s one expense spared.
Then there’s the time and energy involved. For the past fortnight I’ve been packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Add to this the trips to the mall and I haven’t had a minutes’ peace. I’m completely worn out, but can’t get a decent night’s sleep on the camping pad I’m using in lieu of a bed. The cars’ back seat hasn’t been upright for more than 20 minutes in all this time as I’m forever loading it with heck alone knows what. When I picked up the free bed, the only way to get it home was to put my seat so far forward I had to twist my foot just to get in on the gas pedal, and had no rear view, other than my wing mirror. In fact, but the time I got home, my right foot and lower leg where numb.

I have to say that with the exception of books, I don’t like shopping. When we moved into our new house I started out with enthusiasm when we started buying our new furniture, engaging, thinking, suggesting, but soon I got sick of the whole process, merely pointing and agreeing in the hope that it would all be over soon. “Close your eyes and don’t think about the money”, to misquote a popular phrase. It takes its toll. Two days ago I completely failed in my attempt to find comforter covers for the kids despite spending 10 minutes walking up and down the appropriate aisles, yet yesterday, after a night’s sleep that was only marginally less crappy than the one before, I was able to find them in mere seconds. Shopping of this kind isn’t therapy. It’s an endurance test that strains the mind as much as the body in pursuit of the basics of a civilised life. I’m beginning to think that the Neanderthals had it right.


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