Seen And Not Seen



Here’s a funny story. I drove back to town yesterday in order to have a chat and a coffee with a tribemate. We had some things to discuss regarding a project of hers and apparently I have advice worth listening to. As we sat at the table discussing this and that, I glanced out of the window to see my ex walking past. I’m pretty sure she didn’t see me as she was walking away, but pretty darn sure she did when she came back and crossed the street right in front of us. “Hmm”, I thought as she crossed, not looking back.

Some time later she reappeared with our daughter in tow, entered the store and stood at the counter, took her order and left. At a distance under 10 feet, I know she saw us, but chose not to acknowledge our presence. This is where it gets funny. The tribemate in question is an intelligent, charming and attractive young woman, and I’m sure my ex thought that this was either a “Meet and greet” or an actual date. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Later that evening my ex called me to see if my power had gone out (see “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out) and I was expecting an inquiry, but came there none. “Hmm” I thought. Even this evening, when we were discussing possible future calendar changes she said nothing. Is she expecting me to say something first? Bloody long wait if she is. No way am I going to say “Oh, by the way, ********,  who you saw me with in the bakery is just a friend. We were at school together”. No, I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. I’m going to let her live with in  uncertainty and let her think whatever she will.

I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts (Mmmmm, doughnuts!) that she’s aware that I’m actively dating, so I’m going to be mean and let that particular knife twist a bit deeper.


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