The Boys Of Summer


Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Baseball is a summer game. Maybe I’m confused,what with being a “furner” and all. Still, the Little League AAA season is now two games old, and I think the learning curve will be a bit steeper than last year. The first game was played in freezing weather. I was wearing 4 layers under my jacket, and I still didn’t warm up until the 4th inning.

The boys lost, mainly due to the pitching of the opposition and some pretty impressive batting. Still, they seemed to have fun, which is the main thing. Still, it must  have been pretty darn cold for them, standing out there for so long.

Today was even worse, with rain all the way through practice. Any sensible person would  have rescheduled the game, but no, they went ahead, and by the start of the 3rd inning, had to add a bag of clay to home base, just to keep the mud down. My son was far from happy. In fact, he withdrew at the end of the second inning, and I can’t say I blame him, poor kid.

let’s hope that Saturday is better. Two consecutive losses is bad enough, but unless the weather improves soon, it’s going to be a miserable first half of the season.


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