The Kids Are Alright. 10/28/12

Yesterday was a long day, but a good one. I arrived back on the island just in time to make the kick off of my daughters’ last soccer game  then we all headed to the Diner for lunch before I took the kids back to my place. Funny how I am getting used to those two words. My son was sulky and sullen during lunch, which is not normal for him. Not even the thought of a Belgian Waffle was enough to convince him to perk up and order, so throughout the meal he picked half heartedly at a side of fries. Obviously something was up, but seeing as he doesn’t act out, I let it go.

By the time we got home,  he was in fine spirits, especially when setting up his room with iPod, speakers, projection clock and for some reason a wireless weather station. The weather let up long enough that they were able to go outside and use the play structure for a while which allowed them to burn off some of their excess energy, although where my daughter found the extra energy after a full game of soccer still escapes me. By 6pm I was hanging on my chinstrap, although I perked up enough after dinner to see the kids get organised for bed.

Surprisingly, my son didn’t need me to come in and see him after I got his sister off to bed. I see it as proof of his acceptance of the new circumstances  that he got himself to sleep without the familiarity of our old routine.  Both of them were asleep by 8pm, so I spent the evening  with  the start of Patrick O’Briens’ “The Truelove” and the end of a bottle of Aberlour.

Of course, this didn’t last and at 3.30 am I found both kids awake, but by 4.15 they were calm and asleep until the usual thump thump of a normal Sunday greeted me at 6.30.  All in all a successful first stay.  I’m glad they are adjusting well, and even my daughter was more restrained, and not bouncing around like a demented pinball.  I’m continually impressed by the resilience of kids. Both of them have taken the change with incredible equanimity and very few questions. My daughter has said that she wishes she could go back in time so she didn’t know, but apart from that they both seem to be in great shape. This gives me a great deal of hope that in the years to come we will maintain a strong relationship. Mind you, the teens start in 2015 and I’m pretty sure that then all bets will be off, but I’m going to thank my blessings for now.


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