There Is A Light That Never Goes Out



Living up on a hill gives one a different perspective on certain things, weather being one of them. The light drizzle I encountered whilst driving back from the gym had grown into a torrential downpour accompanied by strong winds not 10 minutes after I got home. Being higher up than my previous abode, the wind howled and whipped around the house most impressively for several minutes before dying down and allowing the rain a much more vertical path to the ground.

As usual, waiting 20 minutes made all the difference and it was quite warm  and sunny when I left the house again in mid afternoon to meet a friend for a coffee and a chat.  It took an inordinate amount of time to get out of town, as it usually does late in the afternoon, which is why I generally try to be well on my way  before the evening commute begins, but even by local standards, 30 minutes is a heck of a long time.

It turned out the the traffic lights at the intersection were inoperative, hence the delay as cars quite politely stopped and took turns to proceed. I was distracted however by the sight of Police tape across the entire width of one of the roads and the flashing lights some 100 yards beyond it, so I paid the lights little heed.

I should have. The first inkling that not all was well was my attempt to switch over the laundry. The washer and dryer are in the basement and all remained dark when I flipped the light switch. Darn. The stairwell lights, all four of them were also out, and my suspicions were confirmed upon checking the clocks and other appliances. The power was out, no doubt a line had been hit by falling tree debris, a common enough event.

Not to worry. With the blinds open, the Westward facing Living Room and Dining Room were flooded with a soft golden light from the now setting sun which provided more than enough illumination and warmth. Of course, this didn’t last and I was forced to turn my book towards the window in order to read the last 3 pages as the sun finally slipped behind the trees and out of sight. I have been covering the sliding door in order to keep the sunlight from overheating the room, but today it was just perfect,  being not so warm as to require the door to be open.

Having no idea as to when power would be restored, I sought out the battery operated lantern and cleaned the contacts of the light on my lap desk so I could continue to read. No sooner had I restored the light to working order than the familiar sound of the fridge reached my ears. A quick glance outside to see the street lights in action confirmed that power had been restored.

Not a major traumatic event by any means, this not being the depths of winter, but a timely reminder that no matter how clever we think ourselves, nature will go about its’ own sweet business and there’s nothing we can do about it. I do have to say however, that sitting in total silence and enjoying a book by the light of the sun streaming in through the windows was a deeply relaxing experience.  I’m not the kind of person to fret about things beyond my control – the Serenity Prayer, and all that, so it was very relaxing to just kick back and wait for the situation to resolve itself.  If I’ve learned anything from my divorce, ( well, those things I can discuss in polite company) it’s that processes will take their own sweet time, that you can’t fret too much about the rate at which big wheels grind and that sometimes you just have to enjoy the situation for what it is.


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