Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise


Well, it might. At least it might when I tell it. See, STBX and I had an agreement, that we would tell each other if we started dating someone. Plan? you call that a plan? Great!  See, the thing is this. March 7th marks the end of the mandatory 90 day waiting period after filing a divorce petition. I’ve told my guy ( at God knows how much per minute), to drop the hammer ASAP. And seeing as I still haven’t received even part of my settlement, and I don’t have Aprils’ rent, I’m inclined not to rock the boat.

My circumstances are somewhat complex. Now don’t think  I’m bragging, but up until tonight, I had 4 ladies interested in me. One decided that we didn’t have enough in common for the long term, but I don’t remember any complaints last Sunday, although it doesn’t really bother me. So what to do? Do I actually say “Well, I have some dates this weekend” Do I tell her that one of them stayed over on Monday? Do I tell STBX that it wasn’t the first time I’d shared a bed with someone since I moved out?

Or is it better to wait until the cheque clears? Do I bring it up next Wednesday in therapy? Do I just keep quiet? Truth is, I need the cash. I need to find somewhere to live after April 30th, and she could be really snarky and difficult should she learn the full (ish) story.  To complicate things, I had the Realtor redo the CMA, and he reckons the house would now sell for $65K more than it would in November. STBX hasn’t said a word about this, so either she doesn’t know, or she is waiting to make a major incident out of it. I know that her lawyer and the financial guy know, so surely she must know. Yes, she must, and don’t call her Shirley.

I thought it was going to come up in therapy today, but the one thing she wanted to raise was the fridge magnet I bought some time ago that says “Yay! Divorce!”. She thinks the kids might not appreciate it as it is a pretty difficult time for them. I don’t disagree. I assumed that she knew about what was going on in my life, as it’s a small town, and being seen coming home at 10.40 am on a Sunday is a bit of a giveaway. ( Thanks for not saying anything, BTW. you’re a Gent).

So, and this is a genuine request, what do I do? This is not a guilt thing. Monday felt perfectly natural, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend the night with someone who treated me like an equal, rather than as a mildly retarded house n*****. No regrets, no tears, goodbye.


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