Twistin’ By The Pool


Having two kids with birthdays less than three weeks apart has had both benefits and drawbacks over the years, most noticeably the very similar guest lists, as my son includes his friends’ siblings and my daughter likewise. A lot of our friends have two kids, almost all about the same age as ours, so the only real difference has been the content of the goodie bags, the nature of any crafts involved and the amount of pink and purple present.

This year, after toying with the idea of a party at the local horse riding school, my daughter decided on a pool party at the local Aquatic Centre. Previous years have involved the renting of a bouncy castle and the provision of cake, ice cream and enough room for them to run around like lunatics followed by the slow transition into a barbeque for close friends until it becomes too dark to see.

This wouldn’t happen this year, largely due to the logistics, the “drop off” nature of the party and my Dad not being here for the first time since Mum died. On the plus side, there was very little to organise as the A.C. took care of the cake, ice cream and utensils, so all we had to do was organise goodie bags, which my ex had already prepared. Of course, the kids had a blast, and seeing as it wasn’t my custodial  weekend, I departed after the cake cutting as I had to go home and change for a date.

One week later, today, in fact, we found ourselves in the same situation, as my son had decided on a pool party too. The crowd was much smaller due to many of his friends being away camping or with the non resident custodial parent. Funnily enough, he didn’t care and had just as much fun with the 6 other kids present as his sister had the week before with twice the number.

What it is to be satisfied with simple pleasures. Also, three hours in the pool tires out kids a darn sight faster than 6 hours running round the garden, bouncy castle or not, so the wind down was much smoother and easier.

I have to say that I’m very happy that both the kids seem to enjoy whatever they have. They’re not driven by the desire for more simply for the sake of having more. Not that I’m bragging, but I think we did a pretty good job of getting them this far without them turning into the type of snide little brat one sees so often nowadays.

All in all a very successful week.


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