Black Coffee In Bed.

This isn’t the post I had planned, but then again, this wasn’t the fortnight I had planned either. You see, a week ago last Thursday I was laid off. It came in the middle of the afternoon just after I’d finished the Post Office run and had franked about 2,500 pieces of mail for bulk collection. As you know, I hated my job, (see Career Opportunities)and it paid so poorly it left virtually nothing after paying the rent and commuting costs. Still, it was a job and got me out of the house for 12 hours a day. It meant that I had about four hours between getting home and going to bed in order to feed myself, do housework and relax, so of course, I was always skipping something, but two out of three ain’t bad, as the saying goes.

I barely had time to take care of the basics and was always short of spare time, but at least I was clean, fed and in freshly laundered and ironed clothes every morning, so I count that as some sort of victory.

I now find myself at the other end of the spectrum with so much time on my hands I don’t know what to do with myself. I guess some of it can be put down to the general blues associated with being made unemployed, but I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to get anything done around the house.  I now have plenty of time to cook – something I really enjoy, as well as read, watch movies and get everything done around the house that needs doing. In fact, I have so much free time the house should look like a palace, with neatly folded towels, immaculate dust free carpets and a kitchen table so clean I could eat my dinner off it. Of course, this is not the case. The house is respectable, that much I can say, but it is far from being spotless.

As you can imagine, I started looking for work right away, and have already applied for some likely looking jobs, but I just hope I find one before the money runs out, otherwise my posts may come to you from the local library.  Despite this post’s title, I’m not lounging around in bed all day with a crossword book and a pint or two of Java. I’m not the kind of person who can just lay in bed once I’m awake, unless of course, my sweetie is with me, in which case, all bets are off. The kids took the news with much more equanimity than I’d expected, but that may be because they don’t fully understand the implications of unemployment or just don’t want me to know that they are upset. Either way, I feel pretty shitty about it, and am not looking forward to having to move out and put into storage that which I can’t sell.

I’ve spent the last few minutes trying to think of my usual upbeat ending, but I’m afraid it’s beyond me right now.


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