I Hope You’re Happy Now.

Well, it finally happened: The turkeys voted for Christmas. I am, of course, referring to the recent decision by the British electorate to leave the European Union. To save time, I suggest you watch the two most recent episodes of “Last Week Tonight” as they will bring you up to speed and give you a pretty accurate idea of just how I feel. The implications of the so called “Brexit” don’t bear thinking about as the economic repercussions could last a decade or more. However, most people didn’t even consider the picture beyond “How will it affect me?” and simply reacted with a level of Xenophobia which even followers of the England national football team would find hard to match.

These ( in the words of Billy Bragg) “Little John Bullshits” simply swallowed hook, line and sinker the lie that leaving the EU would allow Britain to erect some sort of Trumpian wall, prevent all immigration and somehow restore Britain to the status of a world power that it hasn’t had since the 1880’s.

Look, I despise the EU as much as the next thinking person, but I’m not stupid enough to believe stories of EU regulations calling for straight bananas and labels specifying how many seeds are in each apple, but it sure as heck beats the mad free for all of the past and has at least meant that Europe hasn’t reduced itself to a heap of smouldering rubble in the last 60 years. The EU is, using Churchill’s description of democracy “The worst possible form of government. Apart from all the others”.

What really gets me is that the day after the  vote, the two most searched terms online were “What is the EU?” and “What does leaving the EU mean?”. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!  How can anyone make such an important decision and then look into the  consequences later? Imagine if Pontius Pilate had  said “Oh heck, let’s just let this Jesus bloke go free” and then spent the next day looking through the scrolls to see what he’d actually done.

As you know, I have a pretty low opinion of the vast majority of humanity. The rampant stupidity and insensitivity seen on a daily basis makes despair about the future of H. Sap. as a species. One good thing to come out of is is that David Cameron, the Pigfucker Minister and leader of the Conservative party, the smug prick who set the ball in motion has been forced to resign and can now go back to pursuing his interest in necrophiliac bestiality which he acquired whilst at university.

Can you imagine any other country being stupid enough to back an ignorant, arrogant blowhard who promises to “Reclaim the country” from foreign influence, restore national pride and prevent immigration? No, nor can I.



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