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I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass.

As you may neither remember nor care, it took me a long time to switch to a smart phone, and all was well until  I broke the screen this summer. I knew it would happen eventually, but was pissed off at the way it happened. My sweetie and I were relaxing on the floating dock on the lake when the phone fell out of the pocket of my cargo shorts, hitting the concrete after a fall of just a few inches. Bugger. I am a congenital phone dropper, and dropped my flip phone regularly, never incurring anything more significant than the odd scratch, so this was a real annoyance to me. Eventually I bought a replacement screen, and even more eventually installed it. So far, so good.

Barely a week later, however, I broke it again, finding a full width crack after taking it out of my pocket. Son of a bitch! But this time when I replaced the screen  it remained dark, despite the phone being on. Motherfucker! Cut to the chase: I had to buy a new phone as the third replacement screen didn’t resolve the issue. To make matters worse, I was unable to retrieve any data, pics or videos from the old phone. Motherfucking son of a bitch!!

The result was that I was without a phone for almost a month. I could still receive calls, but that was all, and then only by swiping hopefully at the blank screen and hoping for the best. It wasn’t too bad except for not being able to text my sweetie or look up info on IMDB as I’m not the sort of person who lives his life online and can’t imagine not being able to use Facebook or Foursquare 20 times a day. The only thing that really pisses me off is that I have lost all the photos I took when my dad was here and when we went to Kauai in the summer. My calendar is never particularly full and I have so few apps that they don’t even fill one screen so there is very little hardship involved in getting the new device up and running. I can’t get a new phone until my contract runs out in July, but just having shelled out for a new device I’m disinclined to get a new one. I realise that it is a sunk cost and that sunk costs are irrelevant, but seeing as my last two phones lasted me a total of ten years I’d like to get my money’s worth out of this one. I don’t need a higher resolution camera, I don’t watch video on my phone, don’t use streaming music services and don’t play games on it. In all probability I will wait a couple of years, wait for the latest model to hit the stores and then buy the one it replaces that no one wants and is virtually free. Assuming of course that I don’t break this one, although it gives me an idea about what I can do with all that bubble wrap that is left over from Christmas.

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